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Real Vampires  
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Real Vampires | Part 1

     Since the dawn of civilization, real vampires have been documented in every major culture around the world. From the ancient Babylonian Edimmu through Richard Trenton Chase and Jeffrey Dahmer, vampires have walked among the living.

     This program takes you on a terrifying historical journey through the ages, with vivid stories of people like the 16th century Hungarian noblewoman Elizabeth Bathory -- better known as the "Blood Countess" -- who tortured and killed over 600 servant girls, drinking and bathing in their blood.

     Other notorious figures include the real-life Dracula, Prince Vlad Tepes -- born in 1431 in Transylvania -- who impaled and killed over 100,000 people; and the German butcher Fritz Harmann whose deadly bite claimed at least 24 young victims -- and who later ground up the body parts to make sausages which he ate himself and also sold to his customers.

     These and many other incredible legends are revealed in this feature-length program. Do vampires really exist? Learn the truth and find out for yourself.

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